The true value of art is
rarely what someone will pay for it

May 24, 2013

An Accidental Art Museum Director: David A. Ross at TEDxChelsea

The Value of Art in this Time of Transition: Daniel Pinchbeck at TEDxChelsea

Drawing it Out: The Story Behind the Art: Sarah Goulet at TEDxChelsea

Swimming in a Universe of Possibility: Alexis Clements at TEDxChelsea

The Madness of Art: Jim Kempner at TEDxChelsea

Art Paradoxes: Jennifer Dalton at TEDxChelsea

Beauty and the Beast - Creative Entrepreneurship in the Art World: Aditya Julka at TEDxChelsea

Defining Value in Today's Contemporary Art Market: Candace Worth at TEDxChelsea

Copyright and the Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Eric Doeringer at TEDxChelsea

The Woo Woo in Art-Living through Spiritualism, Deer Hunting & Violence in America: Marshall Arisman at TEDxChelsea

Our Collective Metamorphosis: Victoria Vesna at TEDxChelsea

Art, Money, Desire: Martha Buskirk at TEDxChelsea

Is the Value of Art in Social Relationships or Real Estate Prices? Laura Braslow at TEDxChelsea

Man Bartlett: The only TEDx talk nobody saw

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