Natural ED Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or impaired erection is a common health problem facing a significant population of men. The term impotence also defines ED. This condition makes a man fail to achieve stable erections, for an adequate period during sexual intercourse. Many factors may affect the libido or sexual drive of a man. However, some natural remedies can make a man regain control over the penile tissue erection, therefore improving the performance in bed.

For one to qualify for ED treatment, a doctor must diagnose it clinically. In some cases, doctors may recommend generic meds such as Viagra. Some of these sildenafil citrate medications may have a narrow efficiency range, tolerance or even addiction. Some individuals might be allergic to these medicines. There are some natural remedies which can make this condition subside in men. Some of the natural ways of treating ED include:

Panax ginseng

This herbal remedy has a significant effect in treating ED. From most trials, Panax ginseng helps men who cannot hold erections improve their sexual performance. Some people call this herbal drug Viagra. The treatment period of this medicine may vary from person to person. However, it requires one to take the meds three times a day. Ginsenosides are the active components present in its chemicals. They act on a cellular level to improve sexual performance. The drug works best for men who have high triglyceride levels in their systemic circulation. Some other characteristics of this medication have anti-inflammatory effects.


Dehydroepiandrosterone is a natural secretion which the adrenal gland produces. The adrenal gland produces this chemical, to convert it to estrogen and testosterone. From research, people who have impotence have a higher chance of having low DHEA levels than those with high amounts. Arginine hormone can restore the erection and sexual performance of a man. This condition is widespread in people who get concurrent diabetes.


This substance is a natural amino-acid present in the body. It makes a nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels in the body. The blood vessels hold high blood volume to give the erectile tissue an erection, which is critical to sustaining the firm penis for sexual intercourse. Some studies suggest that arginine must take effect with combination with other drugs.

Other remedies for ED

Some practices which people use to control ED in men may involve Acupuncture. This treatment is a Chinese therapy which treats various conditions such as ED. The acupuncturist has a unique way of following the meridian pathways. This procedure can be a useful remedy to ED, especially one that has a psychological basis.


ED is a common problem which impairs a man’s sexual performance. Men with ED may or not be able to engage in sexual performance due to this condition. Some of the natural ways which people can use to control impotence are in this article. It is possible to regain control over erecting in the event of sexual stimulation. Moreover, one can be able to gain a firm erection and hold it for a period sufficient to achieve the sexual pleasure and procreation.