We all want to have a sparkling white teeth and knowing cheap teeth whitening tips will be important in achieving this. Obviously, most people can’t afford to pay for several appointments with the dentist in order to have white teeth.

Despite taking good care of our teeth, the teeth could be stained by coffee, tea, soda, smoking, and medicines. The remains of food particles can stay in between the teeth and are extremely difficult to clean. Toothpaste can only remove minor stains. The longer the stain stays, the harder it’s to remove. That is why people need to know some cheap teeth whitening tips.

Baking Soda

A proven teeth whitening ingredient, baking soda has numerous uses, which includes teeth whitening. Most dentists acknowledge that it’s safe to use and it gives good result. Baking soda can be used alone by applying a little to a wet brush or by adding it to your toothpaste to reduce the effects of the salty taste.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Among the most popular cheap teeth whitening ingredient that can be used at home, peroxide, is affordable and almost everyone can afford it. Odds are, you’ll experience some burning sensation around your gum area, but you’ll have a thoroughly clean, brighter tooth after using it. Usually, the benefits will be noticed after a few weeks of usage but sometimes the effect could be faster. There is no risk if you do gargle it, but don’t swallow it.

Brush your teeth just like you normally will, then swish for a minute or so. Follow up by spitting it out and washing extensively with water. Another way to use peroxide will be to simply dip a cotton swap inside the solution and lightly scrubbing it on your teeth.


Not so many people are aware that strawberries have all the natural whitening agents. The seeds are also ideal for teeth cleansing. Given that they also have sugar and acids, it’s vital that you clean the mouth right away by using fluoride toothpaste. To get the best result, you should stroke the strawberry on your teeth, or mash it and apply it with your toothpaste.

Wood Ash

As odd as it might seem, hard wood ash is an ideal cheap teeth whitening tool. It has potassium hydroxide, a substance capable of whiten the teeth. The small crystals remove plague in difficult to reach areas of the mouth. Nevertheless, making use of wood ash frequently or scrubbing up way too hard can wear out your tooth enamel, so it’s advisable not to use it for a long period. You can either use it alone to brush or add a little to your toothpaste.

Homemade tooth paste

Probably the most effective cheap teeth whitening formula is the homemade paste comprise baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and some toothpaste. Just mix these items together and use it to brush your teeth.


The simplest and best remedies are sometimes ignored. Just rinsing the mouth immediately after eating could be all you need to stop coffee, sodas as well as other staining agents from discolouring your teeth.

Sage Leaves

This easy tooth-whitening solution could be done outside the house. Just pick a sage leaf from your garden and use it to brush your gums. It would make your teeth to become brighter and cleaner due to astringent properties found in sage leave. On the other hand, you could dry and grind sage leaves which can then be used as natural teeth powder.

Lemon Juice

Cleaning the mouth with a combination of 75% fresh lemon juice and 25% salt solution could produce amazing results for the teeth. Sadly, there are numerous reasons why this may not be ideal for everyone. If you’re on reduced sodium or reduced acid diet plan, this will not be ideal for you. One more reason why it may not be ideal for you is if your teeth is very sensitive, as a lot of people often report that it damages their gums. If none of those conditions are an issue and you can cope with the taste. Lemon juice should be something you should consider using.

Steer clear of “Strainers”

You should think about staying away from things that could stain your teeth. Even though this method may take a long time to get result, you will probably find the outcome to be really advantageous over time. Some of what you will need to steer clear of include things like coffee, smoking, and tea. While you might not be aware of it, chips are a major staining agent and affect the whitening of the teeth overtime.

Chew Sugar-free Gum

You might not know that sugar-free chewing gum really cleans the teeth and a cost free cheap teeth whitening tip. Remember that it should not be used as an alternative for brushing your teeth regularly, but instead to boost the general cleanness of the teeth. The cleaner your teeth get, the brighter they’ll be over time. Keep in mind that this does not extend to sugar coated gum.

Eat Bacteria-Fighting Food

There are number of foods which will help the mouth combat germs, these will reduce the quantity of plaque build up that form in the mouth, eventually improving the whiteness of the teeth. Some of the best foods and drinks which will stop germs from developing include oranges and cranberry fruit juice. Surprisingly, dark chocolate also lowers the quantity of germs that develops in a person’s mouth.

Following these cheap teeth whitening tips should give that desired white teeth you desire.