The true value of art is
rarely what someone will pay for it

May 24, 2013

TEDxChelsea 2012
Eric Doeringer at TEDxChelsea 2012
TEDxChelsea 2012
Man Barlett at TEDxChelsea 2012
TEDxChelsea 2012
Designer/artist Nick Vaughan getting the stage ready
TEDxChelsea 2012
Audience putting on their blindfolds for Man Barlett's talk

TEDxChelsea 2012 was a full, exciting afternoon at the 16th Street campus of the School of Visual Arts in New York. The program ran in three sessions, starting at 12:00 Noon, continuing until 6:30 PM.  Sessions were filled with 15-minute-long, idea-packed presentations about the Art World, focusing on New York City, and we've posted videos and you can also read the Huffington Post story


In between the sessions, and just as important were our Conversation Breaks, when everyone the audience the presenters continued the conversations started from the stage.  During the years of TED conferences, many of the most interesting moments happened during these breaks.  We served light refreshments to keep everyone's energy up as well. After our event, we headed to the rooftop of the Dream Hotel for an after party sponsored by SVA.


We're currently planning our 2013 conference, which is tentatively scheduled for May 24th - so if you think you'd like to attend, please apply and we'll keep you posted as our plans proceed.  We encourage you to apply for admission to TEDxChelsea soon as this year sold out in within a week of tickets going on sale.


School of Visual Arts
335 West 16th Street
New York, NY -10011